Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Living up to this standard
I quit when I turned
Fifteen and a half
Because that's when he kissed me
And I knew everything they'd been telling me
Was a lie
I just wanted to be safe
And no safe place was found
But the cool Friday nights
Felt right
And smelled like cheap cigarettes
And sweet like love
And still do
I've been coerced
And questioned
And taunted
And accused
And I've never apologized
I never will
Because I'm being the most real me
I can
And I know you are only
Maybe twenty-five cents
On my dollar
And I got lots more to make
You keep talking
And I hear you
I know you're surprised
But this is a small town
And your loyal friends
Are just like you
So quit being so sad
Little southside girl
You put that face on every day
For the life you're supposed to have
Pretty girls
With prettier clothes
Try authenticity for five minutes
And the next time someone asks you
How you met your made man
Tell them it was in a bar
See how honesty feels
It's addicting

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